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COE 82 ±3:
colors for fusing with float glass FF

Bubble effects lead free:

BORA BORA BB-BF powder 2 + addition BB-BF

BORA BORA lead free

These mixtures of coloured glass are only suitable for the sandwich technique. The size and the amount of bubbles can be varied modifying the fusing temperature, the soak time, the thickness of the colour mixture and using different thicknesses of the cover sheet.

Production colors FF – COE 82 ±3

BORA BORA lead free
only for the sandwich technique

Transparent striking colors:

  • BB-BF-FF-BF 1015 red
  • BB-BF-FF-BF 1025 orange
  • BB-BF-FF-BF 1045 cherry red
  • BB-BF-FF-BF 1055 dark red
  • BB-BF-FF-BF 1065 grenadine red

Opaque striking colors:

  • BB-BF-FF-BF 2015 opaque red
  • BB-BF-FF-BF 2025 opaque orange
  • BB-BF-FF-BF 2035 opaque yellow
  • BB-BF-FF-BF 2135 opaque yellow extra dense

Important: Caused by the printing effect all colors appear lighter than the regular granulates FF.