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"OPTUL Iris Arc" Folder in PDF format:

OPTUL Colour chart (COE 82 ±3) (0,5MB)

OPTUL Folder Float (COE 82 ±3) (0,5MB)

float glass. Sheet glass made by the process developed by Pilkington Brothers Ltd and introduced in 1959. It is now the world's principal method of flat glass manufacture. By this process a continuous ribbon of molten glass (...) moves out of a melting furnace and floats along the surface of a bath of molten tin. Control of atmosphere and temperature cause irregularities to melt out, and the glass becomes flat (...). The ribbon is fire-polished and annealed, without grinding or polishing. By a 1967 development, called the 'electrofloat process', the glass can be tinted as it passes through the float bath.

from Newman, Harold: An Illustrated Dictionary of Glass, Thames and Hudson Ltd, London, 1977, P. 119