The Company

Highlights of the colour glass production of the Ullmann family:

1892 to 1913
Johann Gottlieb Schneider patron of the glass-factories in Hoffnungsthal in Northern Bohemia and Carlsthal in Lower Silesia produces blanks and colour powder and chips for the famous Art Nouveau factory “LOETZ” in Klostermuehle in the Southern Bohemian Forest, in that time part of the Austrian-Hungarian empire.

1932 to 1944
Otto Ullmann, master melter of the company “JOSEF RIEDEL” in Unterpolaun in the Sudete Region of Bohemia, is responsible for the melting technique of the following Riedel factories:

  • Stephansruh: colour rods for the jewel production
  • Unterpolaun: hollow- and pressed glass
  • Dessendorf: small rods for lamp working
  • Roehrsdorf: sunglasses and welding protection glasses

He also developes in the factory of Roehrsdorf the melting technique for the neodymium glass “NEOPHAN”, invented by Prof. Dr. Weidert, and in that time of strategic importance.

1947 to 1949
After expropriation and expulsion from his home province Sudetenland Otto Ullmann takes part in the erection of the “LINZER OPTISCHEN GLASWERKE” in Austria. He is responsible for the production of coloured sunglasses.

1950 to 1954
Otto Ullmann emigrates with his family to Argentina, builds the glass-factory “BOHEMIA GLASS ARGENTINA SRL” in Santo Tomé, province of Santa Fé and is its first technical director. He tests, together with his son and deputy Hubertus, South American raw material and minerals for the production of massive and overlay colour glass.

1957 to 1976
Hubertus Ullmann, patron of “CRISTALERIA QUERANDI SA” located in Lomas de Zamora, a suburb of Buenos Aires, guides this family owned factory to the leading colour glass factory in America. Among other things he tested for the Argentinean Nuclear State Direction the neutralization of radioactive waste in glass. At the same time he melts “Anna yellow” with local “Yellow cake” instead of imported uranium oxide and invents two new uranium colours: “Rosanil” and “Braunil”.

1978 to 1982
Hubertus Ullmann and his family re-emigrate to Germany and he is now patron of the “HUBERTUSHUETTE” located in Osterhofen, Lower Bavaria. Beside the main production of high- and full-lead crystal, coloured solder glasses for vacuum proof electric feedthroughs.

1982 to 1990
Norbert Ullmann is commercializing through his company “ULLMANNGLASS” among other items colour glasses for the hot decoration of glass. These colours are molten at the beginning in the family owned factory “Cristalería Querandí SA” in Argentina, later in factories in Europe and America. In both cases only raw cullet is imported and the further processing is made in Osterhofen. In 1984 he introduces the production and commercial exploitation of overlay funnels.
Hubertus Ullmann is technical adviser of Ullmannglass, later also of OPTUL and OPTUL Spezialglas GmbH.

The single company “OPTUL-SIEGLINDE ULLMANN” takes over the processing and sale of the “Ullmanncolours” and expands the offer to colour glass for fusing and Pâte de Verre.

OPTUL starts to sell colours fusible with float glass invented by Hubertus Ullmann. These colours are molten at the beginning in our factory in Argentina.

Ursula (Uschi) Ullmann, trained glass designer (Glasfachschule Zwiesel) finishes her occupation in her own glass blowing studio and joins OPTUL. She introduces lead-free colours for the fusing with float glass.

The company “OPTUL-Sieglinde Ullmann” is transformed into “OPTUL Spezialglas GmbH”. Sieglinde and Ursula Ullmann are presidents and owners.

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